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Was born in the distant 1935 since our great grandfathers and our grandfathers picked mushrooms and swapped them for salt, oil and hot peppers, in the neighbouring villages.
In 1952 our father, when he was fifteen years old, after becoming a picker as weel as an expert of mushrooms, he dried the porcino mushrooms, laying them on linen blankets under the sun for a day. Little by little our father managed to equip the firm with good machines.
In 1988 was handed to us and after we bought a proper equipment, we have expanded our manifacturing.
Nowadays our leading products are mushrooms, dried tomatoes, hot pepper. We also work eggplants, artichokes, olives, oregano and forest fruit. We sell wholescale and by retail, fresh, dried, deep-frozen, in oil and pickled products. From the fresh to the semifinished to the finished products.
Mary and Luigi Belmonte
Porcini mushrooms patè, dried tomato patè, artichoke patè, green olive patè, black olive patè, Tropea red onion patè.
Hot pepper from Calabria, stuffed hot pepper, minced pepper hot / sweet, hot / sweet powdered pepper.
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